HELP, An Evening Story


Hey all, this is the  first write up in my experience,  if any mistakes and unprofessional approach please help me to improve.  I would like to share one of the situations in the last day.

After the job, I was walking to my room in Hyderabad. As we know our Indian streets are flooded with dogs, here also there is no chance for a difference . I personally dislike the street dogs. It was around 7.00pm when I left the office.  Peoples were taking bikes and cabs to their go homes. Since my room is nearly 1 km from the office I was used to walking from office. I can see and feel the atmospheric change of December. The climate is cool and filled with a little fog. The yellow street lights  give the nature a warm look.  I was looking both sides of roads whether any dogs  are following me. Some of the dogs are sleeping in the middle of  roads, some are walking, looking like a rude gangster. Nowadays walking to the room is an adventure travel for me after a bitter experience. There is a small T junction , where a dog and her 5 puppies were staying. I was very irritating to see them.  The bigger dog is standing in the road and smaller ones were running  and make some irritating situation. There were no people in the street, I was alone at that time. I was very fear to walk beside these dogs and stay at the T junction. I was very sure about that if I walk to that side they will definitely follow me,  and come closer to me,then it will create a worst scene. Why I am fearing this special dog is, last few days before It was attacked me and met an accident with few injuries. That’s why I am very keen when I reached here.


I step forward to move on  and ready to face whatever happens. But unfortunately, when I reached very close to the dogs all are running towards me.  I was feared a lot and turn back and walked in 100 Kph speed. I was very nervous and don’t know what to do at that time. Waiting there for few minutes. No one came  there to join the walk.  At that time two children, one was about 15 and other  10, walking from the opposite direction. I was afraid that is that dog attack them. Fortunately, they crossed the dog without any problem. Small dogs were trying to follow the kids, but they didn’t give more importance to it and simply cross the area.  Since they  haven’t any inner fear simply overcome the situation. But for me due to the inner fear I can’t move on. I was called elder boy and sought a help to cross the dogs. He simply smiles, ready to help  and said me to join with them. They came with me since I reached the gate, and gave a cool smile. I have thanked them and asked their names. Their native language is Telugu, but they spoke better English  when I asked their details.  It was a really great help for me at that time. I don’t know how others see this situation. But for me, it was a difficult evening. Since the children helped and I can reach the room safely. I can understand few things from that situation. We don’t know who are going to help us in a difficult situation,  and whatever may be our position, finance, wealth in society sometimes we need a simple kindness for a humanity  from others . So keep respect to all without considering the measurement for a judgment.




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